Genealogy Research Network

Forensic Research Services



GENEALOGY RESEARCH NETWORK in business for more than 25 years stands ready to obtain results quickly, reliably, and efficiently whether you need to locate one person or trace multiple generations on a decedent’s paternal or maternal moiety. From local repositories to research across the United States or abroad-Genealogy Research Network has the experience and expertise to meet your goals and objectives.


  • Private Investigation Research Services-(Licensed Private Investigator-Commonwealth of Virginia-Registered-Department of Criminal Justice Services ID#99-296113)
  • Forensic genealogical research worldwide.
  • Supervising teams of researchers for multiple-generational results.
  • Affidavits of Due Diligence and kinship research for matters dealing with both the probate and administration of estates.
  • Locating missing  or unknown heirs to the estate.
  • Locating missing or unknown real property owners
  • Locating missing account holders and beneficiaries.
  • Expert Witness In Court (Qualified in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia).
  • Nationally recognized Genealogical Speaker (See linked lectures-above).
  • Qualified Genealogist (w/ United States Department of Defense) in verifying family relationships for DNA testing for MIA’s from Korea, Vietnam, and World War II.
  • Genealogical research for private clients (Available network of genealogists).


  • Documented proof, which includes  required certifications, translations, exemplifications, and apostilles’ whenever needed.
  • Detailed genealogical charts, forms, and computerized research/database searching.