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Genealogy Conference Planned for Virginia Beach Genealogical Society-2012

The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society is pleased to welcome European Expert Paul Milner as their featured speaker for next years’ annual genealogical conference planned for Saturday, March 24, 2012 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Paul Milner brings a wealth of genealogical knowledge and experience to the 2012 VBGS Conference. Paul is a nationally recognized speaker who has lectured for many organizations including:

Paul Milner

NGS-1999-2011 (National Genealogy Society)

FGS-1996-2011 (Federation of Genealogical Societies)

IGHR-2008-2011 (Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research)

NERGC-2006-2011 (New England Regional Genealogical Conference)

Paul Milner, a native of northern England is a professional genealogist and lecturer. He is the co-author with Linda Jonas of A Genealogists Guide to Discovering Your English Ancestors: How to find and record your unique heritage (2000), and A Genealogists Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors: How to find and record your unique heritage (2002)

Paul has specialized in British Isles genealogical research for 30 years. He was raised in England and settled in the United States in 1975. He has been designing workshops and lecturing to a wide variety of audiences for over 35 years. He holds an advanced degree in Theology and is particularly knowledgeable about the church and its role in record keeping. As a genealogist he speaks on a variety of topics relating to research in the British Isles, migration to North America and research methodology. Paul is currently the book review editor for the FGS FORUM and the BIGWILL newsletter. He is the past-president of the British Interest Group of Wisconsin and Illinois (BIGWILL), and a past board member of the Association to Professional Genealogists, the Federation of Genealogical Societies and the Genealogical Speakers Guild.

Paul Milner’s broad range of lectures to be covered include:

1. A New Location: Steps for Quickly Getting Started

2. Finding Your Ancestors in Ireland

3. Finding Your English Ancestors: The Big Four

4. Genealogical Wikis: A Personal and Customizable Research Tool

His broad range of topics make him a perfect speaker for the beginner as well as the experienced genealogist. The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society is pleased to welcome Paul Milner.

To download and print out a conference brochure, click the link below:

VBGS-2012 Brochure

or for more information contact the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society


mlstrauss • November 2, 2011

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