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Michael Brophy-Spoke at VBGS Meeting-on Upcoming 1940 Census

The Virginia Beach Genealogical Society monthly meeting was scheduled for Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 7PM  at the Virginia Beach Central Library-in VA Beach, VA. The speaker was professional genealogist Michael Brophy visiting from Abington, MA to give the group a lecture titled: “The 1940 Census: Countdown to April 2, 2012”  All of the programs…

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Requesting your Ancestor’s SS-5 Social Security Application

Discover some great facts about an ancestor. Once you’ve located a family member who is deceased, or one that is in the Social Security Death Index (generally those who died after 1960-although not complete), you may request a copy of that persons original application for Social Security. It is an excellent source of genealogical information…

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