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Hourly research is billed at $100.00/hr. plus expenses associated with doing research.

Charges are never done for a  percentage of the estate-rather they are billed hourly. Genealogy Research Network is willing to work in blocks of time, that are agreed upon in advance and can either meet with or consult with the client on a regular basis, as the research proceeds.

Expenses are billed at cost.  Any associated expenses with doing any estate research would include travel costs, admission to any research archive or facility, copies of vital records or other related government documents, genealogical databases accessed,  any photocopies, certifications, apostilles, or hiring another professional genealogist in another part of the United States or abroad, when needed.

Each project will vary somewhat in time to complete and depends on how much work is needed, where research is required, and the number of heirs involved.


  • Multiple lectures offered on subjects of Federal records, state records, methodology, and military topics.
  • All lectures on PowerPoint.
  • All lectures accompanied with updated syllabus materials (in .PDF Format)
  • Willing to develop new lectures upon request.
  • Provide own A/V equipment (including Laptop and LCD projector).
  • Travel, Meals, and Lodging Expenses
  • Lectures: $225-$250 per lecture
  • All-Day Seminars/Conferences: please inquire
  • Keynotes, Luncheons, and Banquets: please inquire

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