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The Generous Miser: The Story of James Lick of California:

James Lick was an American carpenter, piano builder, land baron, and patron of the sciences. At the time of his death, he was one of the wealthiest man in California, and left the majority of his estate to social and philanthropic causes.  This keynote address centers around the life of this man who gave so much to the building up of California.  It was through his generosity, that the Lick Observatory was built and dedicated years after his death in 1876.

Genealogy: A Journey In Time:

This lecture is geared towards those beginning their genealogy journey.  Discover the joy of learning your family history and finding long lost relatives.  Learn how this is really a journey of a lifetime as many great and useful resources and research facilities are discussed along with all the various records that beginners would use.  A must lecture for those looking at starting genealogy.

Levi Strauss: It’s All In The “Genes”

This lecture focuses on the life of one of California’s most well known pioneers. Levi Strauss was a prominent businessman and philanthropist both in the Jewish community and to the general public in the San Francisco bay area. From modest beginnings, born of Jewish ancestry in Europe, Levi Strauss arrived in the United States to find his fortune. He will always be remembered for his charity, as well as for his fashion-world “jeans” and the legacy he left to the American west.