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More than just Politics: Genealogical Research in Washington, DC:

Planing a research trip to our nation’s capital? Once known as Federal City. Discover your ancestors in several keys research facilities located inside the District of Columbia.  More than just political battle go on inside the walls of congress, as researchers will get an inside look at the resources of the National Archives and the Library of Congress as well as the local research stops for those whose family stem from this old city.

Pennsylvania: Discover your Ancestors in the Keystone State:

This lecture will focus on those records from maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This includes many local resources otherwise overlooked by researchers today, from vital records, probate, deeds, divorces, marriages, and a plethora of other related sources. This lecture will also focus on tax lists, church records, and many overlooked genealogical sources waiting to be discovered. The rich history of Pennsylvania stems backwards for nearly 300 years of history.  This is a journey not to be missed.

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia: Genealogy Research in the Mountain State:

Discover your ancestors and other family in the mountain state of West Virginia.  Whether your ancestor was a coal miner or ran with the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s the beautiful state of West Virginia has many wonderful genealogical resources to offer those interested in her history.  Carved out of Virginia in 1863 because of the American Civil War, West Virginia’s genealogical records are available for many years.  Many new and exiting research awaits those willing to travel to the mountain state.

Research in the Garden State: An Overview of New Jersey Genealogy: 

The State of New Jersey has been called “The Crossroads of the American Revolution” due in part by the numbers of pivotal battles that took place in the state during the war. Nestled between New York and Pennsylvania the state has been called the Garden State since 1876.  Genealogical records and resources pouring back centuries since the first settlers moved across the borders have aided researchers for many years.  From local county records to state resources at the New Jersey State Archives and Library in Trenton, NJ the Garden State can offer solutions to find elusive family members.  This lecture focuses on those records inside the state genealogists find themselves examining.

New York City Genealogical Research: Navigating Through The Five Boroughs:

Numerous persons can trace their origins to the Empire State. New York City as one of the largest urban center offers many genealogical resources. Between the American Revolution and the Civil War-several key urban cities along the eastern seaboard populations increased strikingly. In 1790 New York’s population was about 33,000 persons, and by 1860 more than 1 million persons lived in the metropolitan area. This lecture offer a unique prospective into the various genealogical sources and records that are New York City.